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Try Cohousing On

Dear Citizens of the Columbia Valley: We are asking you to try us on so to speak.

Invermere Cohousing is a small group of individuals just like you who are dreaming of the best life ever. We believe that great things can be accomplished by great people. Our dream is to create a small housing development of private homes with the added bonus of a common house. We believe that by participating in the process of planning the community, obtaining the land, as well as participating in the design of the homes and common areas we will be extremely rewarded. By meeting regularly “the invermere cohousing gang” can create something very special in the Valley. We will need a new name to reflect our final creation once we move in, “Mosaic” or “Collage” come to mind. By the time we move in we will have gained more than just a new home, we will have achieved what others think they already have or want. A really great neighbourhood where we could live for the rest of our lives because we like and respect our neighbours. We have ours eyes wide open, we know that there will be elation and disappointments. Life is like that. We might face zoning regulations, time delays, and other disappointments. But in the end we will be rewarded many times over. Our method of consensus decision making will have a learning curve filled with dips and dives but in the end the slower process will result in good community decisions we can all live with. We will have potluck dinners, and pub nights and picnics along the way. We will express endless good and terrible ideas that will be considered respectively. In short we will get to know each other. We will form new life long bonds and yes we know we won’t like some peoples style. People will join and then leave. But the most important thing is that you try us on. There is no initial commitment contract only a willingness to be part of the process to explore ideas. We only need to have about 8 to 10 households to get serious.

The first time in your new community that you can be a shoulder to cry on through a rough time, or the first time you can help a new neighbour’s child learn how to knit, or build a birdhouse, the first time it registers that you could live here for the rest of your life and feel like you have a sense of purpose in building it, you will realize it was all worthwhile!

Then I picture us as a community reaching out to include the rest of the Valley, sharing our common house for a book club meeting or a place to gather for the boy scouts ( are there still boy scouts?) to share our knowledge of how to make cookies. We picture quiet times sharing a glass of wine in the common house but we also picture gathering others that live here for a trip to a local concert or for a hike into the mountains. We picture inclusiveness in every way. Privacy in your own home but social interaction should you choose. We also dream of becoming the first cohousing development in the valley that could stand as an example of how to tame this world that seems to me to becoming more and more disconnected as technology and social media gain the upper hand. So skip a couple of Netflixs and join us for some evenings of ideas.

We will meet again this month at the Invermere Library the last Wednesday of the month Sept. 26 between 6-8pm. Join us there or contact us through www.invermerecohousing.com Come get to know us for a couple of months. Tell us what would make you happy we can probably accommodate that in our plan.