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The Four Stages of Life

We have perhaps four stages of life. All rich in rewards. As a baby, we are usually dependent on family. Then we struggle to reach that very freeing stage of independence which we cherish and hold onto like gold. Then, in the end, we will probably become dependent again sometimes forced to live in a place we would probably not choose if we had a choice. How sad that some will miss probably the most rewarding time of our lives the period where INTERDEPENDENCE could fuel the rich golden years of our lives. The time when we can still support others in little ways if not physically but emotionally. I have watched some friends and family cling to their physical and emotional independence so fiercely that those watching, can feel nothing but pity. Sorrow for those who can't accept a helping hand out of pride or maybe ego. My personal wish is that I can remember to help where I can for as long as I can but be willing and gracious enough to embrace my frailties as they occur. Knowing that by accepting a helping hand gracefully is a gift to the person giving it.