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Sharing space

If you are trying to get someone to be interested in something they tell me you have to put it in front of them six times and paint the picture of how it would benefit the individual.

Perhaps the word cohousing is painting a picture that you can't relate to.

Do you think I want us all to live on top of each other without any privacy?

I sure don't want that!

Recently 15 women I know spent two days together in two cabins. We were kayaking, eating, drinking wine, chatting and generally having fun. Since I am so focused on this "cohousing thing" I wanted to observe how so many women could spend time together but still manage to carve out some quiet time for themselves. I truly am an introvert and being around that many gals can become a little too close real quick. But here is what I observed. When I took my watercolours and sat out in the field painting a picture of one of the cabins one or two wandered over to see what I was doing but seemed to sense my focus and wandered off without invading my so called space. Very respectful. It wasn't as if I had a sign up that said do not disturb they were just respectful that I had removed myself from the general fray. I got up early the second morning and headed out on the lake on my own for a half hour float and meditation. Other gals were seeking a little morning quiet too, doing the same thing, and as they floated or some did some yoga on the dock we all respected the others space and seemed to sense what was appropriate. Later we all had a noisey breakfast together. We then paddled to the other end of the lake in several groups, some talking all the way others paddled determined to get exercise. Still others had the goal to get to the best swimming spot. There was a natural rhythm to the group and I observed how easily we spent the days together. We laughed a lot, shared stories and wine and it will be remembered as a special time this summer. In truth people would have spent many dollars for an adventure like we had.

One of the women/girls had organized all the food for all the meals and she trusted that everyone would show up with what they said they would bring. We had some incredible meals and each assigned meal was prepared for us with such cooperation and good nature that when it wasn't our turn to cook we could relax and just enjoy a glass of wine while we waited. What a treat.

This is what I noticed when the meals were over. Women always want to be helpful and when a meal was over everyone sprung into action to "clean up" and "put everything in order" I know the counters were wiped many extra times.

My thought as I watched this activity was if these busy ladies were in cohousing most of them could have continued to relaxed because it would be their turn next time. There would have only been a couple doing the work knowing that the next meal and or clean up would be someone else's turn.

What a great time shared by some wonderful women.