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Rome wasn't built in a day. By Dorothy Isted

Rome wasn’t built in a day. When cohousing is explained, often the first response of an interested party is If it was already built I’d buy one now!

But that’s not how you get the absolute best cohousing neighbourhood. It is the process of time, filled with conversations and ideas sharing and decisions and social gatherings, that make cohousing so successful. So that when the buildings are completed, you’re moving in with your friends who will also be your trusted neighbours. Neat, right? Being part of building something from the ideological ground up is a lot of fun.

   Take this morning, for example. I met with the folks over at the Invermere Legion. They quietly listened to my proposal. Then they offered much more than I was hoping for. My goal was to get a free booth space at the Saturday Invermere Farmer’s Market. (See http://invermerefarmersmarket.com) and maybe they’d let us make a presentation at one of their gatherings. They said the free booth was no problem, just give them the dates we want. And they offered several time slots for us to address one of their meetings. PLUS they said they’d feature us on their website, for free, and also they can give us way cheaper website hosting than we currently have.

   Can we do it? Can we actually make cohousing happen in Invermere when there are a lot of reasons why it might not work? Of course we can. Primarily because the Columbia Valley is filled with an array of smart and gifted people – those who grew up here and those who are thankful transplants – who will see this opportunity for what it can be and what it offers them. And they’ll join us. And we’ll build something special – not in a day – but in lickety split time because it just makes so much sense for so many people.