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New Years Eve

It's New Years Eve and you haven't gone out to celebrate this special evening for years. But now you live in cohousing and at the common house, still decorated for Christmas, yet another seasonal party is happening. With champagne tonight, of course, owing to the occasion. You wander over to take part and there are neighbours sitting around enjoying a few cocktails and reminiscing about past New Years Eve parties. Other neighbours arrive to tell you that the kids are still outside playing in the snow and the dark, and they seem determined to stay up until midnight. You know that they are all ok because Jimmy and Sara the responsible teens are with them and if anything happened some kid would surely inform the adults that a "disaster" had occurred and a mother or dad was required to help.

It's getting noisy for Joe and his hearing aids so he's leaving, without his wife. He's going to Steve's (same hearing aid problem) who has promised to herald in the New Year from Time Square on the T.V. (He also has a more civilized drink on hand, probably Scotch).

Joe's wife sticks around in the common house and gets out the special snacks she loves to prepare for events like this. Someone picks up the guitar another sits at the piano and an impromptu jam session starts up.

Later the lights are turned down and the "oldies" slow dance and recapture the memories of the many New Years Eves they have spent together in each others arms. The younger residents watch and wonder at how smoothly these seniors can still move. You wander home, after midnight, just a stones throw away. The kids have put themselves to bed. You count them just to make sure!

You count your blessing too. A New Year has begun.

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