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My Electric Bike

Two years ago I bought an electric bike. It changed my life. I'm living lighter on the land, using less resources and generally keeping myself fit. Time changes your perspective about bikes and also about what we need for a home. I have loved every house I have lived in. The shared room at college, the single apartment in Banff, the house I shared with three guys named Jack and a Dan in Banff. I also liked the house I bought in Invermere with two friends when I worked for Canadian Mountain Holidays. The Toby Benches house with the Mexican terracotta tiles in the kitchen that I "had to have" And of course my dream house on the Windermere Golf Course.

I'm also going to love the home I will help design in our cohousing development. In each case I spent time making each home "mine and or ours" and I'm sure this adventure won't be any different. Only this time my home will be smaller well maybe not smaller that my shared college room but smaller. Imagine a cozy living space with my own kitchen bedroom and living room. Just don't imagine all the stuff I had collected over the years that make my last house sale so onerous. Imagine the freedom of the lack of stuff. Imagine having a common house near by where my friends and neighbours eat drink and find inspiration in each other. A community that may share cars, kayaks, electric bikes, and maybe even children. Imagine being a grandmother without ever having children. Now wouldn't that be something.

Imagine living the rest of your life surrounded by people who, by coming together to create this community have bonded together to become not only neighbours but friends.

I can imagine that! My new friend/editor, Dorothy is going to say I use imagine too much. lol!