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Men in Cohousing

For those who saw us at the the Invermere market on Saturday and stopped to talk I thank you.

Our idea of a cohousing community is not new but to some it was a strange concept one that is intriguing but just beyond imagining. My wish is that even though you may not understand the full concept yet that we have opened your eyes to something new to you.

We met two gentlemen who are currently living at Prairie Skies cohousing in Calgary who said that it was the best move they ever made. They also said that it was their wifes who had urged them to get involved. They remarked that it was strange actually, since their wifes had lots of "girlfriend" and they couldn't figure out why they would want to live next door.

They both admitted that lack of privacy was the thing they worried about most going into cohousing but they also said that it hasn't been an issue and as a matter of fact it has been great because they said that men usually have a harder time meeting other men later in life. (I didn't know that). They said that when they retired they had mostly work friends and meeting new friends was hard. (you learn something new every day).