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"Life is like a Box of Chocolates"

Isn't that what Forrest said? I started this project thinking it would be as easy as eating chocolate, and who doesn't like chocolate? Seems I was wrong, and it's not as simple as I seem to think it should be. I won't call it resistance, because if there is one underlying thread it's that people think cohousing is a great idea. But willingness to take up the challenge of up ending your comfortable life seems like a monumental task for some. Recognizing that this project won't happen without a collective input makes people shy away I guess. In our easy peasy life, change is hard and scary for a lot. I can only hope that we will soon find the brave pioneers that can visualize the advantages of living with neighbours that they like, respect and trust, in a beautiful, thoughtful designed community. Where concern for your neighbours and the environment are paramount and having fun with friends is encouraged daily. "You never know what you're going to get." until you bite in.....But heck, they are all chocolates and some of them are special truffles.