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It's as difficult as it is rewarding.

We are looking for pioneers and settlers to help plan and design our very own private homes with the added amenities of a common house, garden, workshop and anything else settlers need to survive. Pioneers that aren't afraid to forge ahead, often blindly stumbling along, stepping in thorny patches and getting scraped and scratched and lost and bruised along the way. But we need settlers too to follow along making the meals, applying the band aids and shoving us forward on our collective path to success. We aren't fussy. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can still walk upright or a reasonable facsimile and you consider yourself an asset to community then we want you to join us as we explore ahead to create something that you will help design . It will be the show piece of the town. We will have bragging rights for how we managed to bring such fine people together to age in place with neighbours who have experienced the real joy of being innovative and progressive. We will demonstrate to everyone that even though we maybe seniors we can still be free spirits that embrace the adventure of doing something radical in the later years of their lives . I dare you. I double dog dare you to show the world.

We intend to gather only the best kind of people for this settlement.

This would be a great group to start with.