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Interest heating up.

Our cohousing information meeting at the library went well with several new people asking questions and getting answers. What a pleasure to meet new people and help them understand what we are trying to create.

-One of the most asked questions is where will it be located? The answer is, within walking distance of town. We generally agree that we want to be able to walk to the stores and other services in town.

-What will it cost? To be honest we just don't know at this time but we are committed to an affordable model for those involved. We will value community over stuff and hope to create a sustainable, modest, as green as possible property were neighbours know and like each other. We are committed to living lightly on the land and envision sharing lawn mowers, snow blowers, garden equipment and space. Along with a common house (the heart of the community) we would want a small workshop and activity rooms. We also eventually want only a small fleet of cars instead of one or more per household. We do live on a lake so perhaps one or two fishing boats not one for each household. We can buy in bulk if someone organizes that and meals can be shared in the common house once in a while.

-Others asked when will the kitchen be used in the common house. The answer is whenever we want to use it. Celebrations, cooking classes, making Christmas cookies together or perhaps jams or pickles. We also will have shared meals one or two or three times a week. We will decide how often once we are a group of friends.

Picture yourself coming home from work tired and knowing you have a rehearsal later in the evening. Then remember that you don't have to cook because, clever you, you signed up for the meal tonight. You can relax for a hour, pour a glass of wine while someone else prepares your meal. It will be your turn later in the month but for now you can chill.

-If I down size where will my family stay when they visit? Why, in the common house of course, where we will have a couple of guest rooms. With 365 days in the year we should be able to share fairly. Also it is amazing what friends will do for friends. There are stories of people lending their homes f they are going to be out of town for a week in the summer. I can see myself doing that. Especially if they only need a bed.

- We are planning on being a caring community not a care giving community so yes, if you need someone to pick up some groceries because you are laid up recovering from hip surgery we will be there. If you want help with a sewing project don't ask me. But if you need a little help setting up a blog site I might be able to help.

So many questions. It's a good thing I like to talk.