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Independence through Interdependence

Many hands make light work my father used to say. How many times have you wished you had an extra pair of hands to hold the ladder while you executed some less than safe job around the house.

Have you been thinking that your garden is too large for your energy these days but won't give it up even if it means you need a nap to recover from the chores. Wouldn't it be nice to share the work of a common garden and still reap all the benefits. Wouldn't it be nice to go away for a weekend and know that someone else will attend to the watering.

The following is a quote from an article I recently read on the Coliving website

"Interdependence is a key difference from progressive care retirement villages, where paid caretakers provide services and residents become dependent, without a way to contribute to others. " Cohousing interdependence can and does fill this gap. Not having to ask for help because help from neighbours and friends is just a natural way of living is perhaps the greatest gift of cohousing.