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Getting to Know You

We named our cohousing meeting last night "Getting to Know You!"

Our small group welcomed Anne, another interested and interesting lady, last evening who is excited to try us on and see what shakes out. Since we are still a small group it is fun to be able to meet informally and have the time to share thoughts and ideas. I guess no matter how hard I want this to go quickly I realize that getting to know each other is what will build a strong community. Things I learned last night. One of our members went to a two room schoolhouse grades K to 8 with no indoor plumbing. One of our members drove school bus for two years. One of our members was a fire lookout for two years. Interesting people for sure. Join us you might just like us....... What would you tell us if we asked you to share something we don't know about you? I look forward to your comments below. Or save that information and come to a meeting and just tell your new neighbours.