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Enthusiasm is infectious!

Recently I met Megan the owner of The Mountain Hub a new coworking space in Invermere. www.mountainhub.ca .

I had heard about coworking spaces because of my research on cohousing. Anytime you enter "co" anything in a google search you will invariably stumble across coworking space websites. These are places that people go to work in an office type setting without having to rent or own a full time space. Very trendy with entrepreneurs, generation X and millennials. Some even have residences associated with them. I walked into her business thinking it was opening day but as it turns out it was a drywall mess and she apologized for not being ready yet. I said I was sorry for bothering her but that I admired her entrepreneurial spirit. We immediately connected. Her energy was infectious. She showed me all around and excitedly told me about her vision for the space . I could picture her whole dream as she explained her ideas. I could literally see it coming true and I have no doubt that she will excel in this enterprise.

It was obvious that it had taken a lot of hard work to be so close to opening day and that she could taste it, her dream coming to fruition. I'm sure these last few days before opening have been extremely stressful and demanding but her joy at accomplishment was infectious. I wish her every success. Do walk in and check out Mountain Hub. Megan's enthusiasm for life is worth the experience.