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Don't Read this Quote!

"If I'd known how much hard work this would have been I never would have got involved.

Thank goodness I DIDN'T know though, because here we are."

I imagine a fine group of neighbours moving in and celebrating with much wine and beer and deep sighs. I visualize new neighbours who have worked hard to become good friends throughout the process of building our dream community. I visualize us planting our first garden and harvesting our first produce. We will wonder at our new common house that has become the heart of the community. We will find ourselves in the morning participating in a shared yoga session on the patio or lawn outside our common house. Followed by a fresh cup of coffee in our sitting room. We will be celebrating birthdays and holidays with guests that will wonder at how clever we were to create this special place while we are young enough to enjoy it. I can see relationships gaining more importance than stuff and we will constantly be amazed at how easy it is to share a few cars and only need to have one lawnmower for 20 households. How clever we were to think this great project up and miracle of miracles actually make it happen!