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Coffee with Cream

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Do you remember a simpler time when the waitress used to ask you if you wanted cream and sugar with your coffee?

Now you have to decide do you want a regular coffee, dark roast, mild, or decaf, not to mention espresso, cappuccino, or latte, with or without foam, with soya milk, a double or single shot? Did I miss anything?

Life has become complicated instead of simpler. We used to go for a walk when we needed exercise now we have to choose a yoga class, pilates, spin class, fusion, weights or just a plain

run. It's no wonder people feel overwhelmed. And there is more, golf on Wednesday and Friday, kayaking Tuesday. The list goes on. Volunteer work, and looking after the children, can it get any busier?

Extroverts try to do it all. Introverts feel guilty if they opt out of this busy world. It's no wonder time passes at break neck speed and you wonder how did I get to this point so fast. If you HAD time to analyze where you are in life you might ask yourself what do I see in the future? Where do I want to be living when I am 65, 75, 85, 95?

Will I be having coffee with friends who live next door will I be going for a walk with friends who live next door? Will my children live up stairs?

So the next time you sip your favorite coffee choice, I urge you to take the important time to think or discuss the future. Possibilities need to be examined and evaluated. Coffee choices are easy by comparison. Life options, slightly more complex. ⛾