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Samantha Gernhart calls her company CLARITY Marketing and Design www.claritydesigns.ca and truly, Clarity is what she is peddling. She spent a couple of hours with me patiently guiding me through the process of tweaking this website. Her knowledge of the whole website process is very evident. Often I have been frustrated trying to learn stuff on the computer from other people who know lots but don't seem to know how to teach it without getting their fingers on the keyboard. Not so with Samantha, who calmly guided me through many steps to learn what I had to know to do it myself later. As an instructor I have never met anyone finer or more patient. Now it is up to me to keep this website lively and relevant. I don't always promise to be grammatically correct, nor do I promise to be letter perfect but with Samantha's help I'm pretty sure that if you subscribe to our site you will get a thank you from this end.

If you need Marketing and Design advice you don't have to look any further. Web Design and Development, Logo and Graphic help. Social Media , Events and Marketing, Training, Workshops and Speaking Engagements. She is very capable. Did I mention she is a mother of three.