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A Call to Action

We have attracted a small group of pioneers who want to build our community within our community. People who value privacy but know the importance of neighbours and friends. Our project to create a cluster of attractive sustainable private housing which will also include a common house is beginning to see light. In our quest to attract owners we have had to dispel some misconceptions. We are not a hippy commune nor a low-cost housing project nor a co op. Our project will include private affordable homes with the added advantage of shared amenities that our residence will decide are of value to them. We plan to have a vegetable garden and a workshop as well as a lovely kitchen and dining room where we can share a meal occasionally. We envision people socializing in the common house playing cards, watching the Stanley Cup together or just hanging out sharing a glass of wine after a hard day’s work. We are just, ordinary, special people who can see the advantages of aging in place. Another myth is that this is an old peoples home. Not! We would also like to attract the 40-year olds who have seen the light and realize that smaller can be better and a simpler life of community might be a better choice than “stuff”. We anticipate attracting residence that want to downsize but are not ready for the “home”.

Already we have two retired teachers,a retired entrepreneur, a finish carpenter a retired accountant, and a semi retired person working in the Health industry . We are active, eager individuals who know a good thing when they see it. We know that this is a clever idea and has been proven many times over. There are examples of successful cohousing projects across the United States and Canada (cohousing.ca cohousing.org) but for some people this is a brand new idea and kind of whoo whoo. I hope I have dispelled some of the myths and energized you to find out more.

If nothing else, I think that by starting this project and having talked to a lot of people it has started a conversation about just what your next move might be. It may have motivated you to actually start planning your next move, be it closer to family or just decluttering your big house. We all get bogged down by our stuff both mental and material. We invite you to find out more. We need a few more like us who are motivated to create their future on their terms.