WE Gave it a good go but we have now disbanded our group.

We tried a lot of things to get people interested!

But, we have been unsuccessful. It is a very involved process that requires a dedicated group of individuals with a vision. Unfortunately, although we still believe wholeheartedly in the concept, we were not able to make it fly. If you are in the process of starting a group don't give up. We want you to succeed.
Definitely try to get young people involved. It is a concept they should embrace but they need to be educated. Minimalist, millennials, boomers and zoomers should be included to make it work. Although many seniors embraced the idea, we found resistance to the concept due to the amount of time and energy required at this time of life. Find those individuals with a clear vision of what community really is.  We wish you the best,  good luck! 

 FYI this website will be active until the end of May 2020. please feel free to contact us if you think we could help in any way.

Here is a short video that we borrowed from the Belterra cohousing website that describes more or less what we want to create in Invermere. Each cohousing development is unique but this helps paint the picture.

Rome wasn't Built in a day.

By Dorothy Isted

Rome wasn’t built in a day. When cohousing is explained, often the first response of an interested party is If it was already built I’d buy one now!

But that’s not how you get the absolute best cohousing neighbourhood. It is the process of time, filled with conversations and ideas sharing and decisions and social gatherings, that make cohousing so successful. So that when the buildings are completed, you’re moving in with your friends who will also be your trusted neighbours. Neat, right? Being part of building something from the ideological ground up is a lot of fun.


 Can we do it? Can we actually make cohousing happen in Invermere when there are a lot of reasons why it might not work? Of course we can. Primarily because the Columbia Valley is filled with an array of smart and gifted people – those who grew up here and those who are thankful transplants – who will see this opportunity for what it can be and what it offers them. And they’ll join us. And we’ll build something special – not in a day – but in lickety split time because it just makes so much sense for so many people.

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